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Welcome to the world of your favourite imagination, where you can feel yourself as a hero of the kingdom. Archero Mod Apk provides you unlimted chances to win by defeating evil. Download latest version of Archero mod Apk to attain higher/ better level of new challanges.
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Is it true that you love an arrow based weaponry activity game on your android? At that point, Archero Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) is only for you.  Welcome to the world where you are the main solitary bowman when the whole world is against you.

After moving into the battlefield, you can kill your enemies. Grab your bowman and enjoy battle while approaching an influx of evil.   

App Name:Archero Mod APK
Updated On:October 24, 2020
Mod Features:Unlimited Money, God Mode, Unlocked Talents

Even though Habby is not a famous publisher, but their games are remarkable. For instance, Block puzzle and Flaming core. Their games have a unique combination of modification and uniqueness. Therefore, once you play the game, you might find yourself addicted to it. Here is a review of Archero.

Archero’s Introduction:

Archero is the best activity which includes shooting match up, where you enjoy the battle with evil. During the battle make due to their assaults and destroy them. However, there are few constraints.

The level of increment brings strong waves of evil. To win, you need more secret weapons. We are aware that for updating our weapons and abilities, we need diamond and coins which are difficult to procure. Through this awesome Archero mod apk 2020, you will get unlimited money and gems from the beginning.

What is Archero Mod Apk?

Archero Mod Apk is the new (Hacked) form of authority Archero game where you will get max HP, boundless pearls and all ability opened.  You can kill all the enemies with a single shot. Besides this, you will get countless gems to upgrade. No doubt, this mod is loaded up with beautiful highlights.

Another interesting fact of this game is its development. The game is developed while keeping aesthetic of surroundings, accessories in mind.

Pros of Archero Unlimited Gems Mod
  1. You will get countless gems
  2. You will enjoy unlimited coins for upgrading
  3. Free invisible and powerful weapons
  4. Strategies to win against evil waves
  5. You can use god mod to maximize the damage
  6. Unlocked whole world

In Archero, you are the only bowman of your kingdom so you will fight with evils till the last bow. Make strategies for wisely use of obstacles to win the battle

If you want to be a shadow warrior and enjoy the fight with evil enemies and demons. In that case, you will love Shadow Fight 2 mod.

You have to fight against them till your last bow if you want to be the Hero of the kingdom. I have penned down a list of its features. Your comments will embrace their beauty.

Countless Gems:

We all are aware of the vital role of gems for upgrading. The unlimited gem is the main feature of Archero hack apk. You can use it to unlock your tactics, but first, you have to earn it. After completing the mission, you still can’t upgrade.

This mod apk will provide you with unlimited gems, which helps to increases your energy.

God Mode:

If you want an indestructible personality, then this mode is created for you. The Archero god mode contains high damage feature.Therefore, such type of characteristics helps you to defeat your enemies with one shot. To obtain this archero mod, you should pass stage 2.

In my opinion, you should try not to this mode. Besides all the advantages, you will get bored once you killed your enemies without damage.

New Monsters

Archero will provide you with a beautiful chance of experiencing new monsters after every level. Every monster has its unique powers. To become the Hero of your kingdom, you have to defeat them all. Some of them are dangerous enough that they can attack you out of nowhere. It would be best if you were mentally prepared.

At that point, obstacles will keep you secure. Similarly, upgrading a weapon can also help you.

Unlimited Cash:

One of my most favourite features from The Archero mod apk is unlimited cash.  To unlock the talent, you need coins or money. Total of 200 coins are required to unlock one locked talent, and there are nine locked talents.

It takes a lot of time and effort to earn coins by killing monsters. But Archero mod unlimited money will provide you countless coins to upgrade.

Unlocked weapons:

After completing every level, an angle appears for asking a wish. A wish can be either increase your weapon damage or to increase health. But Archero mod will provide you feature like invisible guns. These guns can shot, causing severe damage.

After completing level 5, you can differentiate all the hidden weapons correctly.

Fasten level up:

Unlike other games, you can move to the next level quickly in this game.


Every game becomes attractive because of its graphics. Archero apk mod contains 3D graphical images which increase the attraction level of the game. Every character is designed with a unique personality. New monsters are created in a cute, funny style.

Every stage brings a new level of excitement for you. So many maps are waiting to make you an explorer.


Be careful while playing, as there are many invisible monsters. You have to start it again if you die. This game demands you to be attentive and prepared for unexpected attacks of enemies.

Further Features:

  • Speed kill
  • Quick battle
  • Easy to control
  • Unique strategies
  • New skills

How to download or Install Archero Mod Apk?

After reading all the fantastic features of Archero mod Apk, I am giving you a step by step instruction to download. With the help of these instructions, you can easily install it on your android without a problem. But if you already know the process of installing, then you can skip these steps.


  • Click on the “Go to Download Page” button given on the Archero Mod Apk download page
  • Your game will be downloaded in few seconds
  • After completing the process of downloading , install the app
  • Open the file manager , click on to the downloaded file
  • Turn on ‘Allow’ if you have never downloaded this before
  • You can consider it ‘additional step’ , If your android doesn’t show any warning note

Important note:

Make sure, you have uninstalled the previous version of game. Your android might show an error occurred while downloading the latest one.

How to play Archero game?

The game has a fantastic combination of unique skills. It is well designed and contains an imaginary world filled with monsters. You have to use your strategies to kill them. Here are some instructions to guide you

  • Sign in with your Google play account
  • Once you open the game, use the joystick to the player in the next room
  • Release the joystick when enemies arrive
  • Kill the evil wave by using obstacle as cover
  • After killing all enemies, collect coins and move to the next room
  • Use these coins for upgrading purpose

People Also Ask (FAQs)

We know you have so many questions in your mind. Therefore, I have tried to answer the questions below. You can comment for more queries. We would love to solve your issue.

Is this Archero mod Apk safe to use?

It’s 101% safe to use. Your android will not get harmed. For more safety, you can use avg premium antivirus. It will keep you safe from all the bugs and viruses.

What will you get with this mod apk?

You will get unlimited cash, severe damage, all weapons unlocked and above all, God mode. You can enjoy other various features after playing a modified version of the game.

Which mode is better for gameplay?

Although all Archero modes are amazing, I love Archero unlimited gems mod. You can’t enjoy the game by choosing God mode. It will destroy all the fun as you are immortal.

What are the requirements for Archero apk mod?

As we all are well aware of the fact that Archero is an online game. The requirements contain internet connection, mobile and downloaded game. On the other hand, the software requires 5.0 and up.

Do you have to root your device for enjoying this game?

To download and play this game, you don’t have to root your device. It will work efficiently in every case.


For new players, this game is straightforward as they can use God mode. But in my opinion, you should increase your shooting abilities while avoiding God mode. Moreover, it will maintain a fun level in your game.

Now I will conclude my review of this fantastic game. I hope you complete the mission of Archero mod apk without any issue. A download link is provided for your ease. You can become the Hero of your kingdom by clicking on that link. 

Don’t forget to share it with your friends who love new challenges. This game will bring a new level of joy and excitement for them.

I would love to read your comments, so don’t hesitate to ask any queries. I will try to solve them as I promised earlier. If you have played this game before then share your experience.

What's new

  • New Chapter 17: Dragon Lair
  • New arrival of Hero Mode: Chapter 17
  • New Weekly Bonus Rewards: Login to claim every day!
  • Level difficulty reduced from Desert Ghost: new entrance cost reduced to 50 Gems
  • First Purchase Reward Reset: First Purchase Rewards Upgraded
  • Localizations Optimized
  • Bugs fixed reported by some players couldn't claim Runes in Hero Patrol

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